The speaker programme

The launch event was on 2nd February 2022, the anniversary of the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, when there was a supposedly a parhelion in the sky and the river ran red with the blood of the soldiers that died.

Leominster Community Centre Hall for Monday evenings 6-8 pmRose tinted Rags Stitchers Wednesday afternoon 1-3 pm in Hereford Closed groupLeominster Community Centre Hall for Thursday mornings 10 am – 12 pmAdditional events
Week 17th February Introduction to project

Tracing The Lugg – Jackie
9th February Introduction to project  

Tracing the Lugg -Jackie
10th February Introduction to project

Tracing The Lugg – Jackie
Week 214th February

Snowdrop artworks by Jane Tudge  
16th February

Different snowdrop varieties – Jackie
17th February

Robert Crompton Poetry and the Poly-Olbion’ The reading of the 1600’s poem of the Seventh Song about the Marriage of the Wye and the Lugg.  
Sat 19th & Sun 20th Feb.
12 – 4pm

Ruth Lewer’s Open Gardens at Lugwardine with special varieties of snowdrops

The Garden at Old Longworth HR1 4DF

Entrance £5
Week 321st February

Jason O’Keefe – historian and re-enactment specialist ‘The Battle of Mortimers Cross’
23rd February

Lugg poetryWriting a charm to send the floodwaters back into the riverbanks
24th February

Ruth Lewer – snowdrop collector on ‘Wordsworth and Snowdrops’
Week 428th February

Marsha O’Mahoney
River Voices’
2nd March
Examining how the snowdrops completed so far attach and work with the mill sacks

Kate Green- Artist, performing the tune she composed to RTR’s poem ‘A charm for the Lugg’

3rd March

Robert Crompton -poet, reading ‘2nd part of the Poly-Olbion 7th song poem and one of his own.
Week 57th March
9th March
The Lugg scrapbook and accompanying artwork and prose
& ‘Water’
10th March
Mary & Jackie
‘Exploring the legends: Maud and the Dragon of Mordiford’

Week 614th March
Chris ‘Exploring the legend: The Mermaid of Marden’
16th March
‘Exploring the legends: The mermaid of Marden, and Maud & the Dragon of Mordiford’
17th March
Week 721st March
‘Fishing stories’
23rd March
‘Fishing stories’
24th March
‘Fishing stories’
Week 828th March
‘Mills and weirs
30th March
No group
31st March
‘Mills and weirs
Week 84th April  

David Lovelace Development of Lugg Valley landscape between Dinmore Manor and Hereford’
6th April
Stitch and writing poem/lyrics ‘Seasons of the Lugg’
7th April
Review of David Lovelace’s slide presentation ‘Development of Lugg Valley landscape between Dinmore Manor and Hereford’
Week 1011th April
Review of snowdrops stitched 1-50
13th April
Stitch and Making ‘Processioning’ staves
14th April
Review of snowdrops stitched 50-113 and
Poetry reading of work by Maggie and Robert Crompton reading the Water poet’s poem ‘In prayse of the Needle
Week 11Easter Monday B/H No group20th April
Review of snowdrops 1-113
21st April
Kate Green – ArtistThe Lugg songbook
Week 1225th April  
Chris ‘The stories of Ethelbert and of Jenny Pipes

& an end of project mini celebration
27th April
Riverside picnic at Bishop Palace Gardens
28th April 
Elizabeth Semper O’Keefe Hereford Cathedral Archivist
‘ “near the bridge of the Lugg as far as the water of the Lugg'”– the River Lugg as it appears in the archives of Hereford Cathedral’

& an end of project celebration with coffee and cake

Exhibitions30th April – 2nd May

Exhibition at Birches Barn Farm
6th September For about 2 months

Exhibition at Herefordshire Archives and Record Centre
Evolving programme to investigate the heritage of the River Lugg. It will be updated regularly, please check back.