15/2/22 A visit to Ruth Lewer’s snowdrop collection at her garden at Lugwardine

My favourite is Blewbury Tart, it’s slightly creamy in colour. Which is yours? Many thanks to Ruth and Don for their generosity in sharing their garden and giving an excellent talk to the stitchers on 24th February, with a bit of Wordsworth on snowdrops and other readings from their friend Jackie. Lots of inspiration here for the embroiderers’ designs.

Galanthus Desdemona
Galanthus Augustus
Galanthus Elfin
Galanthus Trymlet
Galanthus Wendy’s Gold
Galanthus Wasp
Galanthus Bill Clark
Galanthus S. Arnott
Galanthus Jonathan
Galanthus Heffalump
Galanthus Porlock
Galanthus Bertram Anderson
Galanthus Daphne’s Scissors
Galanthus Walrus
Galanthus Walrus
Galanthus Merlin
Galanthus Blewbury Tart
Galanthus Blewbury Tart
Galanthus Shaggy
Galanthus Warrei
Galanthus James Backhouse

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