Exhibition at Marches Makers Festival 30th April – 2nd May 2022

I have lots of blog posts to catch up on from the past few sessions, but am posting some images below of the exhibition that has been on for the last 3 days, and de-installed this morning. I have posted a lot of images as not all the stitchers have been able to visit the exhibition but may want to spot their snowdrop/s in the installation.

It took most the day to stitch the snowdrops and baskets together

It was exhibited alongside other artists work on a theme of nature, at Birches Farm Nature Reserve Visitors Centre, which is owned by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

Here are the 158 snowdrops stitched by 42 stitchers, displayed in strewing baskets

A bit dishevelled on the last day of the festival

Starting at the lowest basket and working upstream….

and flowing back downstream…

Close ups of baskets….

Details of individual snowdrops

The exhibition was visited by many of the stitchers and a book of visitors comments collected. On the last day there were 77 visitors, and about another 100 across the previous two days.

Each snowdrop was numbered on its back, embroidered in a corner, and a display board detailled the stitcher behind each numbered snowdrop.

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