Legends of the Lugg -Maud and the Dragon of Mordiford & The Mermaid of Marden

Meg’s Dorset button – a gift to me at the end of the project – spot the mermaid, the dragon, the river, the snowdrops, a sword and the river running red, all in an embroidered Dorset button just 3.5 cm in diameter.

On 10th, 14th and 16th March the three community groups heard a retelling or two of the legends of the River Lugg. I was lucky in that two of the stitchers kindly chose to re-tell the stories.

First up was Mary with the story of the Dragon of Mordiford, and I told about the stories of dragons generally in the Marches and the litle girl Maud who nurtured this wyvern (a dragon with two legs only). Mary then elaborated on the Dragon of Mordiford story with props, including some felted ones, see images below:

Mary with the hand-felted props
The dragon egg
Dragons across the Marches, Maud & the Dragon of Mordiford, right by the River Lugg
A few notes about dragons in the landscape
Tea towel brought in by Jill, part of a recent retelling by the village of Mordiford’s latest work to tell the story of the Dragon

Then Chris retold the Mermaid of Marden, drawing on material from a wonderful project she had completed with Marden schoolchildren when she was teaching.

Chris telling the Legend of the Mermaid of Marden
Chris telling the story of the Mermaid of Marden

The stitchers at Rose Tinted Rags loved hearing this recording of Chris’s story, we listened to it an extra couple of times! One stitcher had also brought in a beautiful mermaid she had previously made and we took its photo against all the iridescent fabrics surrounding us in this wonderful workshop/shop, here by Hereford Bus Station.

Image from Rose Tinted Rags Facebook page
Mermaid previously made by stitcher at Rose Tinted Rags
Reverse side of Mermaid

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