The snowdrop template

First design

I screenprinted two different designs of snowdrops onto Valencia linen, in case participants wanted a starting point. Two weeks in, and I’m having to zig zag some more edges of the pieces. The drooping snowdrop has been popular. Some are stitching the other more complex design, others are designing their own. The only brief is that it needs to be a snowdrop and of the size of the piece of linen. Artistic license is over to the stitchers who are thinking and hearing about aspects of The River Lugg as they stitch.

Second design

The snowdrops will be made into small pillows, each one an edition with its number stitched on the back. They will be documented in a handmade book to accompany the exhibition along with aspects of heritage of the river experienced along the way.

My practice example, mainly stitching as drawing or mark making


The Royal School of Needlework’s Stitch Bank is fantastic for learning stitches . It can be found at

A participant told me about two other useful sites: and

I was inspired to stitch as drawing when I read this article about the embroidery of artist Pascal Monteil in ‘The Eye of the Needle‘ (Selvedge, April 2021: Issue 99)

Original inspiration for the screenprinted designs

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