Launch night 2/2/22

Seven volunteers came forward from the local community on launch night to take part in this project to explore and understand the our heritage of the river.

A sculptural artwork is being made. So far nine sacks, have been embroidered with a river bend from the site of the historic Battle of Mortimer’s Cross where some 4000 soldiers died and the river ‘ran red’.

The mill owner there inspired the project by giving the researcher 9 mill sacks from the mill and telling the story of how he throws a few snowdrops into the River Lugg each year on the battle anniversary to commemorate the fallen soldiers.

Mortimer’s Cross Mill wheel
Mill sacks

The project is to embroider snowdrops to be strewn from baskets fashioned from riverside materials. No stitching knowledge is required and there is a developing programme of speakers/participant contributors on all things river whilst the participants stitch.

Darning on an original mill sack (I think they look like dances), with a snowdrop on launch night
Project bag

Launch night coincided with the 561st anniversary of the Battle in 1461, so I threw a few snowdrops into the nearby Lugg afterwards.

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