Composing a charm to send the floodwaters of the Lugg back within the river’s banks

Photo of the Lugg flooding in 1910 by Leominster Railway Station, seen on Heritage board at Leominster station today

On 23rd February, the Lugg was in flood.

The Embroiderers at Rose Tinted Rags stitched snowdrops and composed a charm to help alleviate the floods across the county. One stitcher took the words home and wrote out the words in white ink on black card with enchanting illustrations reminiscent of the Mappa Mundi (image to follow).

Rose Tinted Rags composing a charm

A week later Artist Kate Green joined us and played and sang the words to the tune she had composed for it, with the stitchers permission.

Kate Green performing her tune written for ‘ A charm for the Lugg’ at Rose Tinted Rags

The following week later, Poet Robert Crompton read the words to the Thursday Leominster group, and we were all pleased to find that the charm had worked its magic; the floods waters had subsided!

Robert reading ‘A charm for the Lugg’

The stitchers at Rose Tinted Rags were delighted to hear their poem read and we listened to it a few times, playing it again to a visitor that day whilst we stitched.

Work in progress
Re-threading the needle

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