The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

15th Century helmet found in River Lugg (image from Wiki Commons)

On 21st February, one dark Monday evening, Jason O’Keefe, historian and battle re-enactment specialist kindly came to talk us through the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross which took place in 1461 flanked by the River Lugg, somewhere, it is thought, between Kingsland and Mortimers Cross. He spoke of the main protagonists and historical evidence for what is known of the battle.

Below is a recording of the talk, with Jason’s permission to share it, although obviously you cannot see the slideshow. The talk ends with his description of the 15th century helmet found in the River Lugg just below Mortimer’s Cross; this is now in Hereford Museum.

Jason O’Keefe’s talk given to The Lugg Embroiderers about The Battle of Mortimers Cross

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