Save the Lugg : Love the Lugg

This is the celebratory event I put together with the help of many of the multi talented Lugg Embroiderers, which was kindly hosted by Echo at their beautiful Community Garden at Eaton Barn, that runs down to the Lugg. This coincided with the Mayor’s Save the Lugg Day and enabled it to be enjoyed by the public and Echo participants together. We had Jenny Pipes Morris dancers, musicians Mary, Carol and Kate, and our wonderful poets Robert and Maggie Crompton. It was all finished off with a Mayoral procession down to the Lugg, complete with a beautiful banner and our ribboned wands, with poetry readings by the Lugg by Robert and Maggie.

A huge Thank you to Dom Howe at Dom’s Bike Stop for the generous loan of his parking area. He has a great cafe there if you are ever in the area (At Stoke Prior, on A44 just before it meets A49)
Everyone was welcomed with music from Carol and Mary
Here are the poets Maggie and Robert with artist /musician Kate waiting to perform

Maggie had had the idea to read her 12 haikus in her poem ‘A year beside the river’ with music between each one, and Mary and Carol sorted it. It was wonderful. Maggie explained how the haikus started in the cold of Janaury and worked their way through the year; they follow below:

A year beside the river, Maggie Crompton, 2021.

Beneath the willow,

still leafless, dressed for winter,

snowdrops are nodding.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

Robert read his poem and then one Rose Tinted Rags has composed called ‘A Charm for the Lugg’. Then we explored the Community garden, followed the Dragonfly trail, and bought plants, produce and craft made by different Echo groups.

The river flows fast,

silent, swelled by recent rain,

the track strewn with twigs.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
Queueing up for tea, scones and frozen fruit smoothies

Black feathers ruffled

by the gale force, sweeping wind,

two crows paired for spring.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
Dragonfly and damselfly trail

A rippling river,

a green woodpecker laughing,

celandine carpet.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
CPRE volunteer water tester David demonstrating the seven tests for weekly water quality checks we use on the Humber Brook and Holly Brook, which feed into the Lugg

A wave of blossom

flows along the river bank,

two ducks rise in flight.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
Flower garlands made by Rose Tinted Rags

The river sparkles,

soft breeze ruffles the tree tops

sounding like the sea.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

Then the Jenny Pipes Morris dancers arrived. They are named after the last woman to be ducked on Leominster’s ducking stool into the Kenwater, which is part of the River Lugg. We are pleased to say she was feisty and came up shouting even though she was ducked twice. Her crime? Scolding her husband!

A flock of Martins

skim the golden barley field,

always chattering.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

With stately wing beats

the heron flies silently

over the meadow.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
Finding the shade

Mist hugs the river,

trees, cattle wrapped in silence,

damp grass, dripping leaves.

Maggie Crompton, 2021
Dancing in full sun

The stillest of days,

golden leaves waft gently down,

land on the water.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

Surise at my back,

a tiny, plump, brown field mouse,

a frost moon setting.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

Beneath slate grey skies

a buzzard calls as it flies,

the old willow bows.

Maggie Crompton, 2021

Then the Mayor arrived and we had a procession down to the River Lugg, complete with the ribboned wands, as used in the old tradition of beating the bounds on Rogationtide.

The Mayor in the procession (she forgot her ribboned wand!)
Robert read a poem right by the Lugg
Maggie read another poem

And then we rushed back for a final cup of tea….

Alison, also one of the Lugg Embroiderers
Trish Marsh, Mayor of Leominster, enjoying a cup of tea
A final dance by the Jenny Pipes with the audience invited to join in
& the poets had a well earned rest!

A truly wonderful day, thank you to all the volunteers and everyone who came and celebrated the river with us, supported the event and helped raise some money for Echo’s Community Garden.

Do pop into Eaton Barn Community Garden next time you need some plants, fresh grown flowers, produce or eggs. You are sure of a warm welcome. It’s 1/4 mile off the A44, at the corner with Dom’s Bike Stop, down the road leading to Stoke Prior, and on the right.

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