The final Exhibition for The Lugg Embroideries

The final exhibition of the Lugg Embroideries has been set up at Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre as part of an exhibition with three other artists from my art collective Fold, plus a few of our friends.

The premise of our work together for this exhibtion was about folding the map between each others’ houses to find a centre point and then meeting at that point to walk and talk about art and all things rural. This was particularly good for us during lockdown when we could only meet outside.

The whole Lugg Embroideries project was inspired when I met artist Kate Green at the half way point between her house and mine, which happened to be at Mortimer’s Cross. That was the day I went looking for the Gospel Oak/Battle Oak recorded as being there, couldn’t find it and instead found another oak tree by a beautiful Lugg Riverbend. The Miller at Mortimer’s Cross showed us around his mill, gave me nine millsacks and told of his gesture of throwing snowdrops into the Lugg on the anniversary of the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross of 1461, when 3-4000 soldiers allegedly died and the river ran red.

Do visit the exhibition to see the nine millsacks I’ve embroidered as a response, and the 171 snowdrops displayed (stitched by 42 community participants) , alongside my colleague’s work with contributions from other friends too.

We will be having a morning celebratory event in October half-term to meet some of the artists. Details in my next post.

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